Gen Z Brings a Whole New Dynamic to the Workforce

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For the Gen Z army flooding the global talent pool, tech and feedback are a top concern when looking for potential companies to work for. They've grown up with instant feedback, and they expect that same feedback at work. Adopting the right tech solutions can go a long way in helping your managers provide feedback quicker. Tools like Teams allow your employees to co-author documents and make corrections on the fly. At TEAM Technology, we want to help you plan and adopt the collaborative solution that works best for your application so you can attract the best talent. Contact us today to learn more.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America–A Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation can create a positive impact that reaches far beyond the doors of your organization. And TEAM Technology is here with the right solutions to get you there. See how Boys & Girls Clubs of America extended their reach by creating a new youth-facing platform powered by Microsoft Dynamics, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and supported with Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to get started on your own transformation.

How to determine the right CRM and marketing automation for SMBs

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Many companies make the mistake of assuming they need to be large-scale enterprises before they will see an ROI for digital tools like CRM or marketing automation systems. But these tools can save SMBs valuable time and offer insights to increase the impact of a relatively small team of sellers and marketers. At TEAM Technology, we want to help you find the right CRM and marketing automation platform for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting capabilities of Dynamics 365 and why it will drive a hefty ROI for your SMB.

Intelligent economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

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According to Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK, "AI and machine learning are important aspects of a wider trend of digitalization that promises nothing less than a fourth industrial revolution." Mr. Maier is not the only one predicting significant change. Many companies have already put plans in motion to implement AI in their own businesses. This survey compiles responses from over 400 executives across multiple countries and industries. It shows what AI can offer, how it's already being used, and the challenges we might face as a society as it spreads. Interested in learning more about the impact of AI? Contact us.

AI is on the rise

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84% of surveyed U.S. executives agree that AI streamlines processes, freeing knowledge workers for more creative, intuitive, and laterally thinking activities. For knowledge workers, AI can be a powerful tool to take on the burden of administrative tasks such as data collection and processing. This means these employees are able to spend more time putting their areas of expertise to work. At TEAM Technology, we want to help you offer a creative and engaging environment for your knowledge workers. Contact us to learn more.

Customer story: Swarovski boosts global sales and marketing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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The lines of the sales process are blurring. Customers are interacting with companies across multiple channels simultaneously and gathering information from a variety of sources. In order to be effective, sales reps need an understanding of all these interactions in real time. Dynamics 365 for Sales can compile massive amounts of customer data and display it to sales professionals all over the world at the touch of a button, offering easily useable insights. At TEAM Technology, we want to ensure your sales professionals are prepared to meet customer needs, no matter what they are.

Customer story: Teesside University fills the digital skills gap using Microsoft Teams

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At Teesside University, the staff have a passion for digital transformation and the many possibilities tech holds. That's why when it came time to adopt a modern collaboration solution, they knew they needed a broad range of features. With Teams, they can collaborate from anywhere, embed pictures, co-author documents, and satisfy their long list of needs. At TEAM Technology we know you're passionate about the future of digital solutions in your workplace. We want to help you modernize with a suite of tools that's right for your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

4 ways AI helps business protect the environment

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The world we live in is extremely complex. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to know what steps to take to protect the environment, even for businesses with the best intentions. Luckily, AI is giving us a way to understand our environmental impact holistically and in real time. At TEAM Technology, we believe that AI can have a positive impact on more than just your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about how you can use AI to reduce your own impact on the environment.

GDPR Compliance – How Microsoft Meets Your Needs

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To get GDPR compliant, it may seem like you need to hire a large legal team. We know that GDPR compliance may appear to be a difficult endeavor, but we're here to help make it easier. Microsoft is committed to being GDPR compliant. Building features and capabilities into products and services to assist you with your own GDPR compliance requirements, Microsoft will provide your team with timely notifications of breaches and empower you to audit security and privacy controls. TEAM Technology and Microsoft will help you meet your policy, people, process, and technology goals on your journey to GDPR compliance. Contact us and read this white paper for more.

How to provide persistent data protection on-premises and in the cloud

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If you have customers or employees in the EU, then you need to get compliant with GDPR. At TEAM Technology, we want to support you on that journey by giving you the best IT services platform that combines built-in safeguards and gives you control over your data.     Microsoft is the platform that IT pros trust. With Microsoft Azure, you can protect sensitive data with encryption or visual markings and gain visibility and control over your data even when you're transitioning to the cloud.     Help your business on its journey to GDPR compliance. Contact us and check this infographic for more.