Streamline seller workflows

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What does it mean for your business to be truly connected? How about being able to access financial data while replying to emails within Outlook to increase efficiency and accuracy of responses? How about having the ability to collaborate on documents and presentations by editing in real time with your colleagues? How about user-friendly access to the documents and data you need on any type of device? #MSDyn365 harnesses the power of the cloud to accomplish these and more. TEAM Technology is ready to help you achieve connectivity across your entire business. Contact us to learn more.

How IoT Can Help Your Organization Keep Customers Coming Back for More

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Not sure how to connect your IoT? Azure IoT Central is a fully managed IoT software-as-a-service solution that simplifies how you connect, monitor, and manage your IoT assets. This end-to-end solution enables you to create connected products that bridge the digital-physical gap. It's a great platform, but if you're unsure on how to adopt it, you need TEAM Technology. We're industry experts, and have helped dozens of business just like yours to find the solutions they need to succeed. Contact us today to find out how we can help you stay in control of your connected products.

Customer story: Renault Sport Formula One

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On the track, there are so many things that can go wrong. That's why the Renault Sport Formula One team needs the best technology on and off the road to ensure they're operating in the fastest, safest way possible. They use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to optimize workflows from manufacturing to testing. You can leverage Dynamics and a host of other tools with the help of TEAM Technology. We're industry experts who specialize in helping businesses just like yours to find, implement, and optimize IT solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

Customer story: Xiaoyi Technology

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Managing the day-to-day operations of a big tech company can be tough. At Xiaoyi Technology, they needed a better way to manage their asset management, vacation applications, and project management. Using @Microsoft365, they automated processes, which saved a ton of management costs. But they didn't do it alone, nor should you. To get the most from your transition to the cloud, leverage the team of experts at TEAM Technology. With our dedicated staff of experienced professionals, we can help you increase your productivity.

Customer Story: Guarding university data with a holistic security model

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As compared to most businesses, universities have significantly less control over endpoints, such as devices used and the thousands of student user credentials they must give out each year. This makes them especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. The University of Arizona realized this, so when it came time to overhaul their internal network, CatNet, they prioritized the implementation of a holistic security solution. They found that the solution with Microsoft was uniquely prepared to deliver a forward-thinking security system designed to meet the specific needs of a university. Even in "risky" situations, effective, holistic security and peace of mind is achievable. Contact us to learn more.

User experience overview animation

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Running a business means making a lot of tough calls and you don't always have time to sort through large amounts of convoluted data to get the answers you are looking for. Dynamics 365 Business Central puts meaningful insights at your fingertips, so you will always have the information you need to make the best decision for your company each time. Contact TEAM Technology to learn more about utilizing the full capabilities of Business Central.

Tech Leaders Look To IoT, AI & Robotics To Fuel Growth Through 2021

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IoT is one way in which tech holds the potential to digitally transform businesses, making them more customer-centered and efficient in the next few years. Tech leaders also see IoT technologies enabling the next indispensable consumer technology and driving the greatest benefit to life, society, and the environment. But how are you taking advantage of the new opportunities being developed every day? If you don't have a clear answer, it's time to get help. At TEAM Technology, we're experts in helping businesses adopt IoT technologies so they can drive new insights from devices. Contact us today to find out more on how we can help.

Transforming facilities management with Dynamics 365 at Microsoft

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The Microsoft real estate portfolio managed almost 600 buildings located in more than 110 countries and regions around the world. But their lack of agility meant implementing change was tedious and frustrating. They needed to bring their facilities' management tools together. That's when they incorporated Dynamics 365 to unify their dispersed management system. At TEAM Technology, we know how to help you aggregate your management solutions so that you can streamline operations and cut out unnecessary management steps. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help.

Exploring Windows 10

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Explore the possibilities that Windows 10 brings. With enhanced features and capabilities, you can be more productive and secure. The Microsoft IT Showcase PDF has great information on how you can get the most from your devices with Windows 10. From the new start menu, to the search bar, to Microsoft Edge, learn about the features that will boost productivity on your new device. Interested in getting help with your solutions? At TEAM Technology, we have helped many businesses get the most from their new devices. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business do the same.

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Volume 23

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Botnets, hacker methods, and ransomware, oh my! After compiling information across 100 countries and millions of computers, Microsoft has identified the latest threats affecting digital security. In this report, take a deep dive into the aforementioned topics to discover how your business might be at risk and steps you can take to protect yourself. At TEAM Technology, we believe that protecting your business starts by arming yourself with information. Contact us to learn more.