Machine Learning Is Helping To Stop Security Breaches With Threat Analytics

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Machine learning is enabling threat analytics to deliver greater precision regarding the risk context of privileged users' behavior, creating notifications of risky activity in real time, while also being able to actively respond to incidents by cutting off sessions, adding additional monitoring, or flagging for forensic follow-up. With Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection, TEAM Technology brings these capabilities to your organization.

Customer story: Zespri

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At TEAM Technology, we know and understand that business continuity is a must for every company. But unexpected threats can be disastrous if you're not prepared. In the wake of disruption from an earthquake and plant virus, the world's largest marketer of kiwifruit, Zespri, moved SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, reducing IT costs, increasing agility, and keeping their business running smoothly. Don't wait to put your disaster recovery plan in place. Contact us to get started today.

Enhance Security with Windows and Office

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Enhance Security and remain compliant as end of support approaches. It takes hackers 4 minutes to get into servers through email attacks. 286 days on average to detect a #security breach and an additional 80 days to repair the damage. What are you waiting for? Get Modern with TEAM Technology and @Microsoft today!

GDPR is here — are you ready?

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Digital disruption is changing the landscape making data privacy a fundamental right. How ready is your organization to comply with GDPR? Check out this infographic to learn about Microsoft's 3-step approach to GDPR. A Microsoft partner, TEAM Technology can help you secure your IT environment and achieve compliance with Microsoft 365.

Helping Small Businesses Protect Their Greatest Asset–Their Data

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Support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 is ending. Enhance your security and upgrade to a new #Windows 10 device and #Office365. Read this blog and learn more about three small businesses that use Microsoft solutions to help grow their businesses and remain secure. #GetModern with TEAM Technology and contact us today!

Microsoft IT Showcase

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It's not every day you can consult the best technical minds in your industry. If you could, what would you ask them about how your industry is changing to accommodate the modern digital landscape? Microsoft IT Showcase lets you get inside the mind of some of the best experts in technology. Equip yourself and your organization with the resources you need to inform your critical IT decisions. Discover the inside story of Microsoft IT and learn how TEAM Technology can help you do the same. Contact us to find out how our experts can help you prepare for the changes in your industry.

Every company is a software company

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The landscape of every industry is changing whether your business is ready or not. It's up to you to prepare your business to meet the demands of modern industry, and that preparation begins with how you think of your own future as a digital company. Whether you're looking for a complete, intelligent solution for your business or the tools needed to take your organization to the next level, Microsoft and TEAM Technology have you covered. We want to know how your business is preparing for the changes in your industry. Contact us to find out more information on how we can help.

Digital transformation: The three steps to success

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Digital transformation can mean big changes for your organization. Along with the benefits of a digital transformation, you need to understand how your business will adapt to changing times. Everything from the leadership style to the cultural Trojan horse, you should know what the challenges will be. Microsoft can help you address those changes and enable you to harness the power of technology to help reduce the complexity of managing a modern digital environment. Where is your business in the digital transformation journey? Let Microsoft and TEAM Technology help you find your way.

Digital transformation with Microsoft

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Technology enables us to reach impossible goals and disrupt the landscape of our industries. Harnessing that tech is another story. If you find your business isn't embracing digital transformation, then it might be time to seek outside help. We know technology is only useful if it helps you engage customers, empower employees, and reinvent businesses. That's why at TEAM Technology, we want to help you find the right solutions to meet your needs and transform your business. Contact us today to find out more. It's time you unlocked the possibilities of a digital transformation.