Meeting FDA Regulations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The FDA Bioterrorism Act of 2002 requires animal feed and human food manufacturers to keep records of the source of their ingredients – and produce those records within 24 hours – when the FDA demands them. (visit for more information).


Traceability must be maintained from supply batch information, through any Warehouse Management System, to the point of use.

Prior to working with Team, “Pet Treats” had extensive manual efforts in order to run the business day to day, one of which was lot tracking. The lot tracking process was a manual effort with information being gathered from 3rd party affiliates via Excel. While these spreadsheets did provide the traceability, they did not come close to doing so within the required time constraints. “Pet Treats” would have failed an audit by the FDA.


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Lot Tracing functionality

“Pet Treats” was utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV but not to it’s fullest capacity. Working with Team, “Pet Treats” was able to implement the rich functionality available in Supply Chain, which allowed for the automation of Lot Tracking to the end customer in an extremely timely manner.

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