Team Technology Acquires Deep River Technologies

Two North Carolina Technology Partner Come Together

Team Technology Holdings, LLC acquired Deep River Technologies based in Greensboro, NC.

Team Technology (TEAM) is an information technology firm providing enterprise-class business technology solutions primarily to small and mid-sized companies. TEAM has built a reputation of understanding client’s operating environments, tailoring solutions, and consistently exceeding delivery expectations. As an experienced Microsoft partner, we have implemented solutions, trained client employees, and provide ongoing support to clients domestically and internationally.

Newell Price, now VP of Sales at Team Technology had this to say about joining Team Technology,

“I have known the folks at Team Technology for the better part of two decades and we are thrilled about the future of being part of the Team Technology Family! I am confident our clients will benefit from fresh, innovative solutions that will be born from our shared desire to bring them the best and most exciting technology out there. I can’t wait to see our client’s grow and thrive!”

The merger of Deep River Technologies with Team Technology is an exciting opportunity to continue to serve clients with solid, cost effective solutions that will help them thrive in today’s business environment. Deep River Technologies has a decade of innovation and personalized consulting support to the design and implementation of Microsoft® Dynamics® — particularly Microsoft® Dynamics® NAV. Their business productivity solutions have serviced clients in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Industrial Equipment and Medical Device manufacturing, distribution, sales and other disciplines.

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