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Is it time to upgrade Dynamics CRM?

Are you running Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 or earlier? Wishing you had a technology partner who could better align your business processes with your customer relationship management software?

The truth of CRM implementations is that knowing the software only accounts for about 30% of CRM implementation success. The bigger issue is understanding how your business works, and tailoring the software to work the way your business operates vs. making your business change to match the way the software operates.

How do you want to use your Microsoft Dynamics CRM software?

  • Improve customer engagement?
  • Automate and accelerate the sales pipeline?
  • Add marketing automation features?
  • Improve customer service?
  • Use Dynamics CRM as a platform to manage something else (xRM)?
  • All of the above?!

And when you’re ready to migrate to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, we can help with that as well….

Count on TEAM Technology for our CRM knowledge and business expertise. TEAM Technology is known throughout the Carolinas – and beyond – for understanding business and helping businesses leverage technology as a mechanism for growth.

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