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Microsoft Office 365 is part of our Business 365 offering. Our team is experienced in implementing and supporting Microsoft Office 365, including seamlessly migrating your email from any existing system.  Beyond email, we specialize in unleashing the full potential of Office 365, helping you optimize your workflow with its collaborative tools, and suite of business applications. Explore the possibilities with Office 365:

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel for productivity
  • SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, and Skype for Business for collaboration
  • Flow and Power apps for automation

We will also help with your user administration and authentication.


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Microsoft Word

How Microsoft Word Helps Increase productivity

Microsoft Word is a must-have! If you are aiming to improve your collaborations and communication within your business, TEAM Technology can help you create documents to streamline your business. 

Microsoft Word helps millions of people complete their tasks with efficiency and collaboration in every area of their business. It’s easy enough that a beginner can use it or it can be modified for the advanced user as well. When working with TEAM Technology we can help you determine the best approach to take with your Microsoft Word needs. This can include:

  • Business Letters
  • Creating Flyers
  • Creating marketing materials, such as
    • Newsletters
    • Labels
    • Planning Documents
    • Employee Reports
    • Sales Documents 
    • Seminar Documents

Connect with TEAM Technology to see how Microsoft Word can help build your business today!


How PowerPoint Helps Increase Profitability

PowerPoint presentations allow any company the ability to organize their data in a fun-to-read document with the ability to personalize all presentations to your needed specifics. With PowerPoint making presentations is fast and easy, plus you can add customized details such as music and speaker notes to make sure you give a presentation that is engaging and informative. 

PowerPoint, a versatile platform, provides an excellent space for sharing issues, commentary, and relevant information for your business. Some of the advantages of PowerPoint are:

  • It can be used virtually anywhere
  • You can choose your own formatting and design
  • It’s a collaborative solution
  • You can export different formats
  • It’s an effective way to communicate with your audience
  • You can insert multimedia formats
  • And it’s easy to use!

Reach out to TEAM Technology today to see how PowerPoint can help your business reach presentation perfection! Whether you’re seeking business support, consultancy, or looking to enhance your overall business productivity, we specialize in comprehensive office solutions like PowerPoint!


How Excel Helps Increase Profitability

If your team is trying to use tools within your company Excel makes processing data a breeze. Using Excel tools like pivot tables lets your company compute raw data and sort it into the correct categories to make it even easier to fully understand any area of your business. Excel helps you analyze your data and create knowledgeable business decisions with the correct information.

When working with TEAM Technology we can help you better understand the capabilities of Excel

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