Managing a growing business involves many challenges. These days, business data is extremely important and data management is often one of the most complex. Since data changes virtually minute-by-minute, there is no better time to start effectively managing your data than right now. If you run a data-driven company, it is imperative to move quickly and realize fast results.

The use of a Business Intelligence system such as Microsoft PowerBI is a game changer. When you have the structure tools in place to effectively leverage your data and turn it into information, you are able to make faster, better and wiser business decisions.

PowerBI paves the way for better decision-making by providing up-to-date statistics and facts about your company. It provides useful insights from your company’s data while advising critical decisions and conclusions. PowerBI is one of Microsoft’s most powerful analytic tools, and is designed to assist in data monitoring, visualization and helps to truly transform your business operations.

Benefits of Adding PowerBI to Your Business

1. It is easy to develop a personalized dashboards and interactive reports

Power BI is well-known for its easy-to-use features such as dashboards and interactive reports. You can customize the dashboards and reports to meet your specific business needs. The system includes numerous pre-built intuitive and interactive visualizations.

Furthermore, you can easily and quickly customize your views of things by simply dragging and dropping. This business intelligence software enables your employees to quickly create custom reports. Continue reading to find out more.

2. PowerBI Facilitates access to real-time data

Data is the lifeblood of any company. It must be managed correctly to generate the best ROI. Real-time data accessibility enables businesses to manage data events as they occur.

Because data is updated so frequently, the dashboards you create will display real-time updated information. In addition to all of this, your employees can solve business problems, identify opportunities, and easily handle your sensitive data.

3. PowerBI works with multiple data sources and integrations.

If you have data stored somewhere and want to use it in PowerBI, you can do so easily. This means that data from other sources can easily be linked and/or imported. The beauty of this system is that it can be tied to other Microsoft products like Dynamics 365, Excel, Azure, as well as non-Microsoft data sources such as private files, public data sources and others.

You can easily connect to third-party applications such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, Spark, Hadoop, and others. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to connect with virtually any kind of data files such as XML, JSO, and SQL.

4. Excel integration

Excel is the most commonly used tool by many businesses for analytic and reporting purposes. Many companies are also using Excel to actually manage and run their businesses. With PowerBI, you can integrate with Excel and provide a more robust and informative analysis to make data management easier and more valuable.

You can generate interactive visual content with the help of queries, data models, and reports. Overall, PowerBI lets you access the correct data when you need it directly from the dashboard. If you don’t know how to integrate Excel and PowerBI, TEAM Technology is ready to assist you.

5. Affordable

If you don’t have a big budget, and you still want a cost-effective way to manage your business data, PowerBI is the way to go. When compared to other business analytics tools, PowerBI is the most convenient and affordable option for small and medium-sized businesses.

There are several license levels of the system available, allowing you to select the access you require. Pricing ranges from a free version to a professional version that costs less than $0.50/day.


6. Regular monthly updates

PowerBI receives monthly updates from Microsoft to ensure you have the latest and greatest functionalities. Microsoft monitors community suggestions and implements the most important ones to continually improve functionality.


Microsoft PowerBI is an excellent tool for businesses or companies looking to launch, organize, and grow your operations. It is no secret that PowerBI is one of the world’s best data analytics tools. The fourteenth year in a row, Microsoft has been named a leader in the “2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms.”

Reach out to Team Technology and we can assist you with licensing, implementation and ongoing professional support.

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