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Technological innovations have been making things easier for businesses with every passing day. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is one of the technologies that is helping businesses grow. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Will help you gain more insights into your customers, help you service them better, and help you build even stronger relationships with them.

According to, CRM is exploding in the year 2022. Here are some statistics on the popularity and benefits of the CRM systems:

  • 74% of businesses found exponential improvement using CRM.
  • 50% of businesses increased their productivity.
  • 65% of businesses say that they increased their sales.
  • 40% of businesses cut labor costs.
  • It is worth a CRM investment for your business!

Importance of CRM for your business

CRM is a key solution for managing your customers and leads with a data-driven approach to increasing customer satisfaction, sales, and revenue. Data visualization allows salespeople to convert leads into customers much faster and more easily.

CRM Trends to Pay Attention in 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence Boom

Understanding the challenges of customers allows Marketing Teams to target the correct solutions.
The system will help identify new sales strategies once you understand the customer’s business. You can have real-time access to information such as customer demographics, preferences, and interests, among other things.

2. More Useful Integrations

People from different locations can collaborate without having to use many different programs. The system will have information on how, where, and why a person buys a product or service. You can develop better sales strategies once you understand why someone is buying a particular product or service.

Innovative technology is available today with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as it includes distinct types of integrations. A user can use the tool in conjunction with other apps and platforms like Business Central and Office 365.



3. CRM for Newbies

CRM has now been optimized for newcomers and you do not need to have technical experience to run this digital product. You can use a simplified version of CRM and if you want all your data in one place, it is built right into Business Central with no additional charge.

4. Mobile CRM

Companies are incorporating smartphones and tablets into their business model for ease of use and for just-in-time information. CRM can be used to update data at the client’s location or from any place you are working.

5. Industry-Specific CRM Systems

CRM allows you to track your company’s growth and customer relationships using industry-specific customizations. This will continue to be an important trend. CRM is an affordable solution designed for small and medium-size companies available for all industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, HVAC, professional services and many others.

Final Word

Now is the time to invest in Microsoft CRM software and abandon the old ways of doing things. Contact TEAM Technology, a Microsoft CRM, ERP and CSP Partner, for assistance with a wide range of business solutions.

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