Managing a growing business presents numerous challenges. Having all your financial, warehousing, inventory, orders, shipping, customer, service and manufacturing/production data in one place that is easily accessible to your team is even more important because that data changes almost instantly. A system that can manage all that data and help you plan the use of your resources in the most efficient way is what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is all about. If you are running your business using spreadsheets or paper-based processes, there is no better time to begin effectively managing your business, using all your data, than right now.

One of the top ERP products trending today is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). D365BC is the newest version of the most widely used ERP platform in the entire world, used by more than 250,000 companies and supporting literally millions of users. It has been specifically optimized to run in the cloud, and includes better integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook than any other ERP product available today.

Tops Reasons to Use Business Central

There are many reasons to use Dynamics 365 Business Central, but a few key reasons stand out

1. Business Central is very easy to learn and use

Business Central was originally known as Microsoft NAV or Navision. After improvements to the product, it has evolved into what is known as Business Central. It can be hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid.

The cloud version is more popular due to its ease of use and low investment for small and medium-sized businesses. All concerns about hardware upgrades and staying compliant with various software products on a regular basis have been eliminated because Microsoft automatically updates the product on a regular basis.

Business Central (BC) offers not only accounting features, but it also supplies excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities. This means you can boost sales while also improving your supply chain, financial management, and other business processes. Because it has one of the most comprehensive real-time help tools available, users are easily able to navigate the system, get topical help on any step or process, and can even use natural language queries to ask for that help. It also has great graphics and dashboards!




2. Low cost of investment – Ease of use from any device anywhere

BC in the Cloud is licensed through monthly subscription services. There are two tiers of full user licenses and a limited user with a cost at less than $10/user/month.  If you are currently using multiple cloud services today, such as QuickBooks, plus SalesForce, plus a file sharing service, along with email services merging them into one cloud provider will decreasing overhead and simplify their use.

Your employees will be able to perform their work from anywhere on any device, including PC’s tablets, smartphones or even a kiosk in your company’s breakroom.  All with access to just-in-time information. Data could be updated on-site at the customer’s location or from anywhere an employee works.

3. You can have add-on extensions to increase productivity and/or functionality

Business Central is compatible with productivity tools such as Office 365, Teams, OneNote, One Drive and more. In addition, there are more than 1000 industry and function-specific add-on which allow for a more customized user experience. In addition, by connecting BC to PowerBI, you can have an unlimited number of custom reports and dashboards that are all available at the click of a mouse and continually updated in real time.

4. Mobilize any business process or data

Business Central allows you to control data using the Microsoft common data model, which aids the integration with other Microsoft tools such as Flow, PowerBI, and PowerApps. You can access the Business Central interface on any device and browser.



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) has a unified approach; it is a one-stop platform to meet all your needs, whether they are related to productivity, business processes, or anything else that contributes to your company’s growth. Streamline business, save time and money while you resolve any company’s challenges and make it ridiculously easy for your employees to do their jobs. They will love you for it.

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